Do you need to take in multiple vitamins?

As a matter of fact, there are various types of vitamins that are essential for the good functioning of the body system. The main role of vitamins is actually to protect the body against diseases; this is usually done by the strengthening of the body’s immune system.  It is very important for everyone to keep track of the food he eat and ensure they are taken in the right quantities in order to be of much use to the body.  For those who are ever busy and might find it trickier to keep up with the schedule, the best thing to go for is the multiple vitamins.


Multiple vitamin needs can vary depending on one’s gender. For instance, men have their own kind of vitamins that can help to maintain a healthy body structure.  Men, unlike women will not do with much iron, in fact it is better for them to do with potatoes, beans, lentils and oysters.  The multiple vitamins for men usually is void of iron, however, they do contain selenium and vitamin E that is necessary to control some common prostate complications. As usual, women need the extra iron because of the monlthy menstruation. in this case, they will have to take around 18mg of vitamins everyday.

Vitamin D is also needed in order to  boost the folic acid especially for the women who are planning to have children. Women will also need the pre-natal vitamins that are necessary for any woman who wants to conceive.

Kids also need much vitamins and minerals as well.  However, much of these is already in some of their meals and therefore there is no need of introducing the multiple vitamins. The only form of vitamin that Is essential for them is vitamin D which is necessary for the formation of bones. Most of the multi vitamins for kids usually contain a candy like taste so it is much better to keep off them from the pills, lest they take an excessive dosage once they find them.

Individuals, who have attained more than 60 years of age, have the responsibility to take multiple vitamins on a daily basis.  This is because, much as the age advances, the ability to absorb minerals and vitamins usually decreases. In this case, vitamin K will be of much help as it helps to protect the hips from getting damaged.

When too much iron is taken, it becomes detrimental for people who are in the old age. There are a group of people who are strict vegetarians.  Some of the nutrients that should be supplied to the body include selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, as well as B12 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.  A good multiple vitamin will contain the minerals and vitamins mentioned above.  In order to get an adequate amount of Omega 3’s I recommend taking a 1000 mg pharmaceutical grade fish oil supplement twice daily.  It is important to select the nutrients that will be of most help to replace some of the nutrients that you always miss out.

There are some conditions such as cancer, heart-related complications and diabetes which may contraindicate some vitamins.  It is therefore necessary for an individual to consult the medical practitioner before embarking on the multiple vitamin pills.  They are not an obligation as such, people can do without them, it is better to seek advice from a doctor and establish what you need to add the multiple vitamin pills to your diet.

The most effective way of keeping healthy is simply by sticking to a well balanced diet and engaging in regular exercises. Avoid fast foods as much as you can and invest more on the natural health supplements that would never harm your body in any way.  Fresh vegetable juice, soup, and whole meal cereals are a better way of starting on any nutritional program. It is always risky to attempt a healthy living style when it is too late. In this case, stick to the balanced diet plan and eat when necessary.

Detoxifying programs are also much beneficial as they will leave your body leaner and healthy. Water has been known to be the most effective detoxifying agent of all time, always take 8 glasses on a daily basis.

Car accidents impact on society

It has been estimated that in every 10 seconds, someone has been involved in a car accident in the U.S. The trend of increasing road accidents has been affecting society in a negative way.  Most accidents lead to only minor injuries.  But some of the time there are long-term consequences which are hard to resolve and the victim might end up being disabled forever.

car accidents impact on societyMost of the individuals who have been involved in the non-fatal accidents usually suffer from complications such as stress, phobia, trauma, depression, or perpetual anxiety.  In most cases, such victims’ usually go through psychological complications for a long period of time.  It is therefore important for the victims to seek for medical counseling after they have been involved in such accidents.

Car accidents can adversely affect your relationship especially between your family members and workmates. This is because of continued stress and depression which clearly means that production of work will go down and there will be increased resentment with your family members.

There are many causes of road accidents. No one actually plans for them, and this means everyone should have insurance coverage to reduce the tension and expenses when the dark moment comes.  Some of the main causes of road accidents include careless driving. Anyone who fails to observe the speed limit will always increase the chances of being involved in an accident.

Another cause is the use of the mobile phones while driving. In this process, the driver will get distracted and it is how easy an accident might arise.  Loud music, eating and smoking while driving, reaching out for some objects are some of the common things that would easily cause distraction and lead to accidents.

There are also cases where the driver can be drunk or too tired to drive. In this case, the ability to concentrate will be reduced and this means an accident can occur at anytime.  Some defects on the road, bad weather conditions and use of defective motor vehicle parts is also another reason that leads to accidents on the road. In this case, a driver should assume his responsibility and remain calm and disciplined in order to avoid such cases.

There have been incidents where the drivers have concentrated on other things that were happening outside and lost all the concentration. This could be viewing another accident from outside, staring at nice views among other things.

Whenever an accident occurs there are some detrimental effects for both the victims as well as the family members of the affected individuals. In the case, where the victim has been psychologically affected, there should be extra expenses to book a psychiatrist to attend to them.

There are some accidents that could leave some people physically impaired and this means they will no longer continue working. This is a loss to the family especially if the victim was the bread winner. It also affects the economic growth of a country because the level of production within the working sector will substantially go down.  Some victims of car accidents normally experience brain injuries and they have to be confined in the special places where they can be taken care of. Accidents can lead to deaths; this is the worst part of it. In such a case, it is irreversible and it adversely affects the population growth of the country.   It also becomes expensive because there has to be many investments in the health sectors in order to provide enough facilities that will help the victims of accidents.

The road infrastructure also needs to be improved and this will always call for the allotment of more funds in such areas. Accidents affect everyone, it is therefore necessary to consider on the rules of driving and ensuring you are fit enough. There are high penalty charges for the careless drivers as well as ignorant road users. This is just among the many ways that are being implemented in order to reduce the levels of accidents.  Since accidents are uncertain, it is much safer to have an insurance cover from a registered company; they can be of great help and will reduce the costs after an accident.

Omega 3 and the Inflammation Epidemic

The great 21rst century nutrition experiment, Omega-3’s and the epidemic of chronic degenerative disease.

It’s the United States, the beginning of the 21st century and were in the midst of the major health crisis. Medical science has succeeded in extending life expectancy by eradicating the major infectious diseases of the 19th and 20th centuries that cut the lives of so many people short.

However today we are suffering from a whole new variety of diseases. These are the chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, coronary heart disease, various cancers, and many more. So while people are living longer and mortality has been extended, morbidity is increasing. This is reflected by the astronomical cost of health insurance. It is costing a lot of money to care for the chronically sick.

omega 3

Researchers indicate that many of the chronic diseases we suffered today are result of low grade or “silent” inflammation. While pharmaceutical companies are raking in the profits with drugs that largely handle symptoms without correcting underlying physiological imbalances, very few people are asking what is the fundamental cause of this epidemic of degenerative disease. If inflammation is at the root of many of these diseases, then the obvious question is what is the cause of this epidemic of silent inflammation.

For all of medicine’s technological advancement, modern medicine is really quite shortsighted and one could say just plain dumb. Doctors are so entrenched in the pharmaceutical paradigm that they can’t see what is really going on today.

So what is really going on?

Our agricultural industry and food industry have been so commercialized that the nutritive value of the foods we eat is no longer of any importance. Foods are grown and processed for the sole purpose of making profit with no concern for the health impact of nutrient deficient foods.

One could say that our society is being subjected to a grand biological experiment. In this experiment the nutrient value of food is reduced while the toxic load to the system is increased. Imagine feeding a rat empty calories in a purposely stressful environment that is loaded with toxins. How long before the rat’s health deteriorates?

new food pyramid with fish oil omega 3

There are critical nutrients in the diet that may be the tipping point in this grand experiment. One of these is the essential fatty acids, the Omega six fats and the omega-3 fats. In today’s diet we are overeating Omega six fats and being starved of omega-3 fats. Because omega-3 fats serve as precursors to anti-inflammatory hormones, a deficiency in omega-3 fats leads to an inability of our body’s biochemistry to suppress inflammation. Consequently a single nutritional deficiency, that of omega-3 fatty acid deficiency underlies much of the silent information which in turn is the basis for much of the chronic degenerative disease suffered today.

The remedy for omega-3 deficiency is fish oil. Preferably the fish oil supplement is cleaned of toxins and concentrated in the key ingredients EPA and DHA. Typically available as fish oil 1000 mg capsules, you can get this fish oil is a online through For maintenance and daily serving of 1500 mg of fish oil EPA and DHA is advised. Therapeutic repletion requires a much larger dose, up to 7000 mg EPA and DHA daily.